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Buying Lorcana Cards online.

On September 1st, 2023 Disney Lorcana will launch. We are working with suppliers to get a good inventory of booster packs and starter decks at which time we will list them along side our other TCG products.

What types of Lorcana Cards are there?

There ends up being three different types of cards in Lorcana The Trading Card Game. The first is a creature card broken down into a creature, hero or villain. The second and third type of card is an item card and ability card which will help along creature cards or prevent your opponent from doing certain things. Each player or "Illumineer," starts with lore and the ultimate goal of the game is to drain your opponents lore.

Rare Lorcana Cards

Currently, it is unknown which cards will be rare or not but speculation over initial print Chapter 1 cards being instantly rare and classic are being made across the internet. We will update this section when more information and a deeper dive into the game is available!

Current Lorcana Booster and Draft Packs

So far, we know that booster packs will contain 12 cards from the first chapter of Lorcana. There is no information on the rarity of the cards or if holographic cards will be available. One cool tidbit is that the back of every card is considered "ink" which is this games version of mana or land cards, meaning booster packs won't be riddled with land/mana/energy cards!

Other Boosters and Disney Lorcana Products

Alongside the starter decks and booster packs a few items such as Gift Packs and the Illumineer's Trove are set to release. The gift pack appears to be a deck with a few boosters and some game specific pieces and the Illumineer's Trove might be a 2-player dual deck but the information that Ravensburger and Disney has released to date has been vague.