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Booster Crate

Super Saiyan Booster Crate

Super Saiyan Booster Crate

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What's Inside This Box?

Power Up with Dragon Ball SUPER!

This box contains genuine Dragon Ball SUPER booster packs from various sets and expansions. Around half will be of the newest expansions and all packs will be within the "standard play" range.

  • Booster Crate - Harness the energy of 10 Booster Packs and gain 1 extra bonus pack as a treat!
  • Booster Crate XL - Ascend with 20 Booster Packs and be rewarded with an additional 2 packs on us!
  • MEGA Booster Crate - Unleash 30 Booster Packs and enjoy the overwhelming bonus of 3 extra packs!

Genuine Dragon Ball SUPER Packs! All our booster packs are sourced directly from the most powerful universes. We guarantee no shenanigans - just authentic, pristine packs for the Z Fighter in you!

New Packs Every Month! Your box will overflow with the latest Dragon Ball SUPER card sets. Our Saiyan squad purchases in bulk and divides the spoils among our members. This ensures you always receive the ultimate cards and value each month. Whether you're boosting your battle power or seeking the rarest warriors, we're in your corner!

What's Inside a Pack?

  • Dragon Ball SUPER Packs - Each pack comes with a set ratio of common, uncommon, rare, super rare with a shot at special rares and secret rare cards.

Occasionally, you might discover a God Pack, based on the luck of the draw.

Recent Card Sets You Might Acquire:

  • Critical Blow
  • Wild Resurgence
  • Power Absorbed
  • And future releases

Straightforward Subscription Info: We've got no over-complicated Senzu Bean contracts! Cancel whenever you wish. Simply log into your account or drop us a line at We'll bill you on the 1st and dispatch your cards by the 15th. Ordering post the 15th? Your next bill won't be until after your first crate arrives.

Disclaimer: Booster Crate, LLC, and all of its subsidiaries, employees, and public spokespersons are not affiliated with, endorsed by, sponsored by, or associated with FUNimation, Toei Animation, Fuji TV, Akira Toriyama, or Dragon Ball SUPER. All trademarks, copyrights, and intellectual properties related to these entities belong to their respective owners. Any references to FUNimation, Toei Animation, Fuji TV, Akira Toriyama, or Dragon Ball SUPER on our platforms or in our products are made solely for descriptive or identification purposes and do not imply any association or relationship between Booster Crate, LLC and the aforementioned entities. For more information, please click here.

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