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Booster Crate

Cryptid Booster Crate

Cryptid Booster Crate

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What's Inside This Box?

Unearth the Mysteries of MetaZoo!

This box contains genuine MetaZoo booster packs from various sets and expansions. Around half will be of the newest expansions and all packs will be within the "standard play" range.

  • Booster Crate - Delve into 10 MetaZoo Booster Packs and receive 1 extra bonus pack for your mystical journey!
  • Booster Crate XL - Engage with 20 MetaZoo Booster Packs and be gifted 2 additional packs on the house!
  • MEGA Booster Crate - Dive deep with 30 MetaZoo Booster Packs and enjoy a spellbinding bonus of 3 extra packs!

Authentic MetaZoo Packs! Every booster pack comes directly from the realm of cryptids and folklore. Rest assured, no urban legends here - just original, unaltered packs for the true cryptid enthusiast!

New Packs Every Month! Your box will brim with the freshest MetaZoo card sets, bridging the mysterious and the known. Through our cryptid network, we secure cards in bulk and distribute the enchantments among our subscribers. This guarantees you consistently receive top-tier cards and unparalleled value each month. Whether you're enhancing your deck with legendary creatures or in pursuit of that elusive rare, we stand with you!

What's Inside a Pack?

  • MetaZoo Booster Packs typically come with a combination of spell, aura, artifact, and creature cards, each depicting legendary entities from American folklore. Occasionally, a holographic card or a notable cryptid might make a surprise appearance.

Recent Card Sets You Could Encounter:

  • Whispers of Wendigo
  • Tales of the Thunderbird
  • And countless other and future cryptic chronicles!

Transparent Subscription Info: We operate on honesty, not myth! Feel free to cancel at any moment. Simply navigate to your account or contact us at Invoicing takes place on the 1st, with shipments going out by the 15th. Joining post-15th? No worries; the next billing cycle won’t commence until you receive your debut crate.

Disclaimer: Booster Crate, LLC, and all of its subsidiaries, employees, and public spokespersons are not affiliated with, endorsed by, sponsored by, or associated with MetaZoo Games, LLC or the MetaZoo trading card game. All trademarks, copyrights, and intellectual properties related to these entities belong to their respective owners. Any references to MetaZoo Games, LLC or the MetaZoo trading card game on our platforms or in our products are made solely for descriptive or identification purposes and do not imply any association or relationship between Booster Crate, LLC and the aforementioned entities. For more information, please click here.

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