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Booster Crate

Pirate Booster Crate

Pirate Booster Crate

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Due to supply issues at BANDAI NAMCO and over pricing, we no longer carry One Piece items. Should the situation change, supply come back online and prices become fair, we will restock this product.


What's Inside This Box?

Sail into the World of One Piece with Our Booster Packs!

This box contains genuine One Piece booster packs from various sets and expansions. Around half will be of the newest expansions and all packs will be within the "standard play" range.

  • Booster Crate - Dive into 10 Booster Packs and discover 1 extra bonus pack for your journey!
  • Booster Crate XL - Embark with 20 Booster Packs and receive an additional 2 packs as a treasure!
  • MEGA Booster Crate - Navigate through 30 Booster Packs and score a whopping bonus of 3 extra packs!

Genuine One Piece Packs! All our booster packs come straight from sealed Grand Line treasures. We assure no devil fruit trickery - just authentic, untouched packs for your collection!

New Packs Every Month! Your box will be packed with the most recent One Piece card sets. Our crew buys in bulk and distributes the loot among our members. This ensures you receive the top cards and value each month. Whether you're building your dream team or searching for legendary pirates, we're here for you!

What's Inside a Pack?

  • One Piece Booster Pack: 121 types; 12 cards per pack with a shot at a combination of Leader cards, commons, uncommons, rares, super rares and secret rares.

Recent Card Sets You Could Encounter:

  • Kingdoms of Intrigue
  • Pillars of Strength
  • Paramount War
  • Romance Dawn (Product no longer available unless reprints occur)
  • And future releases

Smooth Sailing Subscription Info: We don't believe in snaring you in Sea King-sized contracts! Feel free to disembark anytime. Just anchor into your account or send a message in a bottle to We'll bill you on the 1st and set sail with your cards on the 15th. If you join our crew after the 15th, the billing won't start till your first crate arrives.

Disclaimer: Booster Crate, LLC, and all of its subsidiaries, employees, and public spokespersons are not affiliated with, endorsed by, sponsored by, or associated with Bandai, Bandai Namco Holdings, or the One Piece trading card game and associated media. All trademarks, copyrights, and intellectual properties related to these entities belong to their respective owners. Any references to Bandai, Bandai Namco Holdings, or the One Piece trading card game and associated media on our platforms or in our products are made solely for descriptive or identification purposes and do not imply any association or relationship between Booster Crate, LLC and the aforementioned entities. For more information, please click here.

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