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Booster Crate

Waifu War Booster Crate

Waifu War Booster Crate

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What's Inside This Box?

Step into the World of Anime with Weiss Schwarz!

This box contains genuine Weiss Schwarz booster packs from various sets and expansions. Around half will be of the newest expansions and all packs will be within the "standard play" range.

  • Booster Crate - Delve into 10 Booster Packs and receive an additional bonus pack as a special treat!
  • Booster Crate XL - Dive deeper with 20 Booster Packs and be gifted 2 extra packs on the house!
  • MEGA Booster Crate - Experience the grandeur of 30 Booster Packs, complemented by an epic bonus of 3 extra packs!

Authentic Weiss Schwarz Packs! All our booster packs are sourced straight from the world of anime crossovers. We assure you, no filler episodes - just original, untouched packs for the true anime enthusiast!

New Packs Every Month! Each box will overflow with the latest Weiss Schwarz card sets, merging various anime and game series. Our dedicated team secures in bulk and distributes the treasures among our subscribers, ensuring you access top-notch cards and value every month. Whether you're optimizing your play strategy or seeking that elusive scene card, we've got your back!

What's Inside a Pack?

  • Weiss Schwarz Booster Pack typically includes a mix of character cards, event cards, and climax cards, with rarities ranging from common to super rare. Every so often, a shiny card or a special scene card might make an appearance.

Recent Card Sets You Could Encounter:

  • Hololive Vol. 2
  • Nazarick II: Tomb of the Undead
  • And many more current and future anime adventures!

Hassle-Free Subscription Info: We've no convoluted manga plots here! You can opt out whenever you feel like. Simply access your account or drop us a transmission at Billing occurs on the 1st, and we ship your anime-packed cards by the 15th. Late to the party and ordered after the 15th? Worry not; your next bill won't arrive until your inaugural crate does.

Disclaimer: Booster Crate, LLC, and all of its subsidiaries, employees, and public spokespersons are not affiliated with, endorsed by, sponsored by, or associated with Bushiroad Inc., Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, or the Weiss Schwarz (Weiß Schwarz) trading card game. All trademarks, copyrights, and intellectual properties related to these entities belong to their respective owners. Any references to Bushiroad Inc., Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, or the Weiss Schwarz (Weiß Schwarz) trading card game on our platforms or in our products are made solely for descriptive or identification purposes and do not imply any association or relationship between Booster Crate, LLC and the aforementioned entities. For more information, please click here.

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