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Born in 2019, this relatively new strategic card game is loads of fun. This isn't our opinion, the interest in this game has grown, making the creators studio one of the fastest growing companies in New Zealand. Flesh & Blood is regularly played at tournaments, competitions and local game shops all around the U.S..

This strategy game is similar to others in terms of rule and play, but uniquely, each deck is built around a hero. Subsequent cards in the 60 card deck are tools for this hero to duel his or her opponent. These tools range from specific spells, attacks and things like gear. Each game lasts around 50 minutes and is becoming a favorite here at Booster Crate.

What types of Flesh & Blood Cards are there?

As we mentioned above, you'll have a hero card within your deck and subsequent support cards to help the hero along. These are the following types of cards that are available in the starter decks and booster packs.

  • Hero Cards (Further broken down by class e.g. "Wizard.")
  • Action Cards (Can further be broken down by class e.g. "Ninja Action.")
  • Item Cards
  • Weapon Cards (Can be class specific e.g. "Wizard Weapon."
  • Equipment Cards (Can be class specific e.g. "Wizard Equipment."

Rare Flesh & Blood Cards

Since it's release in 2019 and as always with collectible items, a specific group of cards are rarer than others. This can be due to low print volume, a special edition of a particular card, or a card that is really powerful. Recently, a Fyendal's Spring Tunic (Rainbow) foil card was just sold for $4,300. For now, this is the most expensive FAB card available, which might be dethroned by the cold foil version of the "Heart of Fyendal." Other cards such as the non-foil version of Fyendal's Spring Tunic and cold foil versions of Braveforge Bracers, Grasp of the Arknight, Arcanite Skullcap, Scabskin Leathers and a hero card Shiyana, Diamond Gemini are all auctioning above $1,000 USD. Certain cards have secondary reprints and may not fetch as much money as 1st edition or 1st release variants of the card.

Current Flesh & Blood Booster and Expansion Sets

Flesh & Blood sets and expansions are broken down as follows; the first ever expansion was Welcome to Rathe and came in the first Alpha Edition print. A secondary print occurred, this was called the Unlimited Edition. Subsequent expansion sets and their first print runs were dubbed First Edition and usually have a secondary print called the Unlimited Edition. In addition to this, a "History Pack" named History Pack 1 has been released that has white border reprint cards of the original 3 expansion sets.

So, Alpha is the first run of the very first Flesh & Blood Cards. First Edition is the first run of the next expansion. Unlimited Edition is second print runs of a set, and the History Packs are further reprints in the form of booster packs and decks that have a variety of cards from multiple older expansions. Here is a list of current and past expansions.

  • Welcome to Rathe
  • Arcane Rising 
  • Crucible of War
  • Monarch
  • Tales of Aria
  • Everfest
  • History Pack 1
  • Uprising
  • Dynasty
  • History Pack 2
  • Outsiders
  • Dusk Till Dawn