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Disney Lorcana: The Trading and Collecting Card Game

Disney Lorcana TCG

Disney as a franchise has produced over 60 full feature films, dozens of cartoons and has imagined over 2,100 individual characters in all their lineups. It’s not hard to imagine a trading card game that embodies the spirit of Disney and utilizes all the characters that captured our minds as kids. Well, that’s exactly what Disney has teamed up with Ravensburger to do.

First announced at D23 Anaheim in August 2022, Disney Lorcana is set to be the newest edition to the trading card game line up. Chapter 1 (or the First Chapter) as it’s been dubbed is set to release on September 1 st , 2023, and from what we have learned through sneak peaks, the game is going to be awesome.

What kind of cards will there be?

Lorcana is a strategic, deck building, trading card game like the ones we’ve come to love, however, it utilizes thousands of Disney characters and is not reported to have any “new” characters that we’ve never seen before. Upon it’s initial release Ravensburger has said there will be “over 200 cards” in chapter 1. A few looks at some upcoming products have been released which include booster packs, individual starter decks, a gift set starter bundle and the “Illumineer’s Trove,” which appears to be a 2- deck starter bundle that lets you and a friend play right away.

The first Lorcana cards

Image depicts some of the first upcoming Lorcana playing cards

How do you play Lorcana?

Each player plays as an Illumineer where you can summon glimmers of Disney Characters. Some Disney characters will be familiar, others will be adaptations of characters such as your basic Mickey Mouse card, or Mickey Mouse the Wayward Sorcerer. The overall goal of the game is to collect “lore,” which is like hit points but instead of starting at 20 and trying to drain an opponent to zero, you start with zero lore and win if you are the first with 20.

Each player starts with a 60-card deck and like many trading card games such as Magic: The Gathering, or Pokémon, you can play with pre-built decks or build and customize your own deck based on a particular strategy. Each player shuffles the deck, pulls 7 cards from the deck, and plays from that hand. Each card can be played either upside down as “ink” which is needed to summon various cards, or they can be played right side up if you have sufficient ink to tap with.

There are 3 types of cards, character cards, item cards and action cards that can be played during your turn though a cool down period of ‘one turn’ is in the game rules. Once the cool down period is met, you can utilize the cards’ various effects or “abilities” which might include questing (which taps the card to gain Lore) or challenging which is attacking another players creature. Each creature card has an attack and defense rating known as “strength” and “willpower.”

Lorcana decks and boosters

Credit to totalcards.net

How can I get Disney Lorcana Cards?

Currently, you can’t, but by September 1 st of this year, they will be available at large retailers and local card shops in the US, UK and across Europe and Asia. We are hoping to set up logistics for a steady flow of booster packs to begin doing what we do best which is provide a monthly supply of booster packs for your favorite card games. Cheers!

Booster Crate Lorcana Retailer

Thanks for reading, from your friends at Booster Crate!

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  • Vergent GamesAug 11, 2023

    Have your plans for more games expanded since visiting GenCon 2023?

  • Beth MitchellAug 11, 2023

    I’m so excited to play this game. I love MTG and it seems to have al lot of the same mechanics :)

  • Jared KelseyAug 11, 2023

    Lorcana is a very attractive theme, with millions of Disney animation fans globally. Game play looks solid and easy to learn. When this becomes available at BoosterCrate it will likely be a top seller!

  • Kimberly JohnsonAug 11, 2023

    I’m excited for this launch! I’m eyeing up the sapphire and steel chapter one deck. This will likely be our newest addition to our booster crates!

  • Steven PritchardAug 11, 2023

    I can’t wait for this to come out. Haven’t heard anything about the lawsuit with Upperdeck lately. I should probably Google that!

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