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Phantom Nightmare & Full Card List

Phantom Nightmare & Full Card List

The upcoming year for Yu-Gi-Oh core booster packs kicks off with the launch of Phantom Nightmare this month. This fresh compilation is set to enhance existing archetypes such as Yubel, Berfomet, and Imsety, and build upon the foundations laid by the previous release of Age of Overlord, introducing a slew of exciting new cards. Among these, a globally debuted Pyro theme is sure to capture the attention of enthusiasts (Rocket Salamander anyone?) and will likely be highly sought after. Let’s dig in and check out what we can expect and what we are hunting for.

What’s the release looking like?

This 101-card collection maintains the standard format of recent booster sets. Featuring the return of 25 quarter century rare cards, collectors and players alike have yet another chance to secure these unique anniversary editions. Each booster pack will be the standard 9-card configuration.

A nod to 2008's Phantom Darkness, Yubel makes a comeback with two new forms and enhanced support cards, alongside the introduction of new themes and support for fan-favorites from AGOV. This set is ripe with potential for both new strategies and the revitalization of classic decks.

Phantom Nightmare Cards

Image is a few of the cards found in Phantom Nightmare

Noteworthy Cards and Themes:

Phantom Nightmare introduces a diverse array of cards, including those that strengthen existing decks and unveil new strategies. The set features support for beloved archetypes like Yubel, Majespecters, and Raidraptors, alongside the debut of the Goblin Bikers and the Voiceless Voice themes.

New cards for the Aroma strategy and additional support for AGOV themes ensure that players have a variety of options for deck-building and gameplay enhancement. In summary, Phantom Nightmare is poised to be a transformative set for the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG, with its combination of nostalgia, innovation, and the introduction of entirely new themes. Whether you're a seasoned player looking to enhance your current deck or a newcomer eager to explore the depth of Yu-Gi-Oh's strategic gameplay, this set offers something for everyone. And now might be the perfect time to jump in with one of our Yu-Gi-Oh! starter decks and of course a monthly Yu-Gi-Oh! booster pack subscription.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Phantom Nightmare (PHNI) Full Card List:

Magicians of Bonds and Unity #3 - 000
Spirit of Yubel- 001
Geistgrinder Golem- 002
Samsara D Lotus- 003
Raidraptor - Noir Lanius - 004
Raidraptor - Bloom Vulture - 005
White Sunfish - 006
White Sardine - 007
Goblin Biker Dugg Charger - 008
Goblin Biker Clatter Sploder - 009
Goblin Biker Boom Mach - 010
Goblin Biker Mean Merciless - 011
Snake-Eyes Poplar - 012
Dark Guardian - 013
Phantasmal Summoning Beast - 014
Keaf, Murk of the Ghoti - 015
Psiics, Moonlight of the Ghoti - 016
Mementotlan Ghattic - 017
Horus the Black Flame Deity - 018
Lo, the Prayers of the Voiceless Voice - 019
Saffira, Dragon Queen of the Voiceless Voice - 020
Sauravis, Dragon Sage of the Voiceless Voice - 021
Aromalilith Rosalina - 022
Majespecter Porcupine – Yamarashi - 023
Carnot the Eternal Machine - 024
Magmacho Dragon - 025
Time Reloader - 026
Berserk Archfiend - 027
E Stranger Big Bang - 028
Goblin Freefall Squad - 029
Emissary from the House of Wax - 030
Procession of the Tea Jar - 031
EM:P Meowmine - 032
Mokomoko - 033
Principug - 034
Jongleur-Ghoul Illusionist - 035
Royal Rhino with Deceitful Dice - 036
Skull Guardian, Protector of the Voiceless Voice - 037
Yubel - The Loving Defender Forever - 038
Aromalilith Magnolia - 039
Master of Ham - 040
White Aura Porpoise - 041
Enigmaster Packbit - 042
Vagnawa the Moon-Eating Dragon - 043
Fish Lamp - 044
Raidraptor - Rising Rebellion Falcon - 045
Raidraptor - Brave Strix - 046
Goblin Biker Big Gabonga - 047
Goblin's Crazy Beast – 048
Majespecter Draco – Ryu - 049
Aromalilith Rosemary - 050
Majespecter Orthrus – Nue - 051
Promethean Princess, Bestower of Flames - 052
Sorcerer of Sebek - 053
Nightmare Pain - 054
Mature Chronicle - 055
Rise Rank-Up-Magic Raidraptor's Force - 056
Raidraptor – Roost - 057
White Reincarnation - 058
Ages of Stars and Frost - 059
Goblin Biker Grand Bash - 060
Goblin Biker Grand Entrance - 061
Dramatic Snake-Eye Chase - 062
Dark Element - 063
Earthbound Fusion - 064
Walls of the Imperial Tomb - 065
Prayers of the Voiceless Voice - 066
Barrier of the Voiceless Voice - 067
Aroma Blend - 068
Majespecter Wind - 069
Mutamorphosis - 070
Materialization - 071
Flock Together - 072
Eternal Favorite - 073
Raidraptor - Glorious Bright - 074
Goblin Biker Grand Stampede - 075
Radiance of the Voiceless Voice - 076
Aroma Healing - 077
The Black Goat Laughs - 078
Terrors of the Afterroot - 079
Iron Thunder - 080
Psychic Processor - 081
Psychic Arsenal - 082
Emergency Apport - 083
Conbirdable - 084
Swarm of Centipedes - 085
Sunset Beat - 086
Tricorn the Cacophonous Concert - 087
Swallow's Cowrie - 088
Xyz Force - 089
Veidos the Eruption Dragon of Extinction - 090
King of the Ashened City - 091
Hero of the Ashened City - 092
Priestess of the Ashened City - 093
Obsidim, the Ashened City - 094
Awakening of Veidos - 095
Ashened for Eternity - 096
Three-Eyed Ghost - 097
Mystic Potato - 098
Junk Dragonlet - 099
Ultimeat Offering – 100

101 cards • 125 unique prints

In the intricate tapestry of Yu-Gi-Oh!, certain cards emerge as legends not only for their gameplay impact but also for their rarity and the lore they encapsulate. Within the Phantom Nightmare expansion, a few cards have risen to prominence, captivating players and collectors with their unique abilities and the strategic depth they add to the game. Let's delve into the allure of "Lo, the Prayers of the Voiceless Voice," "Snake-Eyes Poplar," and "Veidos the Eruption Dragon of Extinction," exploring why these cards are highly sought after.

Lo, the Prayers of the Voiceless Voice - 019

Lo, the Prayers of the Voiceless Voice - 019

"Lo, the Prayers of the Voiceless Voice" is a card that stands out for its profound thematic depth and strategic utility. As a Spell Card, it represents the silent wishes and unspoken strategies that define the ebb and flow of a duel. Its ability to manipulate the game state by providing unique advantages to the player, depending on the conditions met on the field, makes it a versatile tool in any deck. This card is coveted for its ability to turn the tide of battle in subtle yet powerful ways, embodying the essence of strategy that lies at the heart of Yu-Gi-Oh!. Its appeal lies not just in its gameplay potential but in its thematic resonance with the concept of voices unheard yet powerful.

Snake-Eyes Poplar - 012

Snake-Eyes Poplar - 012

"Snake-Eyes Poplar" captivates with its enigmatic presence on the battlefield. This monster card, with its serpentine elegance, offers players the ability to foresee and manipulate the outcome of events through its unique effect of influencing card draws. In a game where knowledge and control of the upcoming cards can be as decisive as the strength of the monsters on the field, "Snake-Eyes Poplar" becomes an invaluable asset. It's sought after by those who appreciate the depth of strategy that comes from controlling the flow of the game, making it a jewel in the crown of any deck focused on foresight and manipulation.

Veidos the Eruption Dragon of Extinction - 090

Veidos the Eruption Dragon of Extinction - 090

"Veidos the Eruption Dragon of Extinction" is a behemoth that embodies destruction and rebirth. This monster card is not only a powerhouse in terms of its ATK and DEF but its ability to disrupt and reshape the playing field is unmatched. The thematic imagery of an erupting dragon bringing about the end, only for a new beginning to emerge, captures the imagination of players. Its rarity and the dramatic flair it brings to duels make it a highly coveted card. "Veidos the Eruption Dragon of Extinction" appeals to those who seek to wield the raw power of elemental forces, offering a strategy that revolves around devastation and dominance.

Most expensive phantom nightmare cards

Image depicts the most expensive cards from Yu-Gi-Oh! Phantom Nightmare
Credit: Dexerto

These cards, with their unique abilities and the stories they tell, are more than just pieces in a game; they are coveted treasures that embody the spirit of Yu-Gi-Oh!—a world where strategy, lore, and the thrill of collecting converge. "Lo, the Prayers of the Voiceless Voice," "Snake-Eyes Poplar," and "Veidos the Eruption Dragon of Extinction" stand as testaments to the game's enduring appeal, offering players and collectors alike a glimpse into the vast possibilities that lie within the heart of the Phantom Nightmare expansion.


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    looks the same as tarot cards

  • Rajee PandiJul 04, 2024

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    Such a cool idea!

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