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Magic: The Gathering Starter Deck

Magic: The Gathering Starter Deck

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Magic: The Gathering Starter Decks - The Best Way to Learn to Play

This product is non-recurring and ships on the 15th.

Looking to jump right into the fun? Pick up a preconstructed deck for you or a two-player deck for yourself and a friend, so you can learn to play and enjoy Magic: The Gathering. Keep in mind that all orders ship around the 15th of each month because we are primarily a subscription crate company. We specialize in booster pack subscription boxes so if you wanted a monthly supply of draft packs to build upon your new deck, you can check all of that out here.

Challenge Deck

Challenge decks are the new age starter decks. They play very well right out of the box, against opponents but are beginner and intermediate friendly. These decks are perfect to get a good feel for the game and picking up a few different color decks will help you find your preferred play style. Once you find a deck you really enjoy, you can begin adding and taking away cards to make your perfect play deck. There are some exciting preconstructed decks, see which one you get. Here is a small example of some in stock now!

  • Azorius Control: Blue-White Deck
  • Mono White Aggro: White Deck
  • Orzhov Auras: White-Black Deck
  • Lotus Field Combo: Black-Green-Blue Deck
  • Cavalcade Charge: Red Deck
  • Flash of Ferocity: Green-Blue Deck

Commander Deck

Commander Decks have become wildly popular as it brings a new style of gameplay to the 30 year old game. A commander deck is built around one main creature, hero or planeswalker. The 100-card decks also have no duplicate cards (besides the land/mana cards) and the format plays excellent with 2 to 4 players. Here is a short list of Commander Decks in stock, see which one you get:

  • Growing Threat: White-Black Deck
  • Chaos Incarnate: Black-Red Deck 
  • Quantum Quandrix: Green-Blue Deck
  • Lorehold Legacies: Red-White Deck 
  • Necron Dynasties: Black Deck
  • Breed Lethality: Green-White-Blue-Black Deck
  • Rebellion Rising: White-Red Deck

Magic: The Gathering 2-player Starter Decks

Magic: The Gathering is a 2-4 (sometimes more) player game. If you and a friend or loved one want to give MTG a try, dual deck starter kits are periodically released by Wizards of the Coast. These two player kits let players dive into the world of Magic legacy gameplay and contain 2 ready-to-play decks and a detailed guide on how to play.


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