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Obsidian Flames Booster Pack

Obsidian Flames Booster Pack

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Obsidian Flames invites Pokémon fans into a new, captivating world filled with fiery encounters and dark mysteries. This expansion is set in the Obsidian Region, a land shrouded in volcanic activity and ancient secrets. Players will explore this region's diverse ecosystems, from molten lava flows to shadowy forests, meeting a variety of Pokémon adapted to these extreme conditions. Central to the Obsidian Flames expansion is the legendary Pokémon, Volcarona, embodying the primal power of fire and darkness. The art and themes of Obsidian Flames draw inspiration from volcanic mythology and the transformative nature of fire.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Pokémon
  • Set: Scarlet & Violet SV03
  • Expansion: Obsidian Flames
  • Release Date: August 11, 2023
  • Language: English

Booster Pack Contents:

  • 10 cards (+2)
    • Includes at least 1 rare or higher
    • 3 uncommon
    • 6 common
    • 1 reverse holo card (in lieu of a common)
    • 1 energy card
    • 1 code card

Set Contents:

  • 230 cards (197 base / 33 secret rare)
    • 75 common
    • 55 uncommon
    • 30 rare
    • 12 double rare
    • 16 ultra rare
    • 20 illustration rare
    • 15 special illustration rare
    • 41 hyper rare

Chase Card:

  • Charizard ex - (223/197) - $48 (avg)

Additional Information:

  • This pack is case fresh, and factory sealed from a Pokémon / OBF pallet.
  • No packs have been tampered with in any way, including being dead, weighed, mapped, opened, or otherwise altered.
  • Styles and art on packaging may vary.


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