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Booster Crate

Pokémon Starter Deck

Pokémon Starter Deck

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Pokémon Preconstructed Ready-to-Play Starter Decks

This product is non-recurring and ships on the 15th.

Preconstructed or "precons" and starter decks are the best way to jump right into either collecting or playing one of the most iconic trading card games on the planet, Pokémon! Check out the various ready-to-play decks we offer and get started on the fun right away. Don't forget, we ship all products on the 15th of each month, this is because we are primarily a subscription crate company that deals in Booster Box subscriptions. If you want to pick up a starter deck and keep a steady flow of booster packs for additional cards each month you can check them out here.

Pokémon Theme Decks & V Battle Decks

Theme decks are 60-card Pokémon decks that are preconstructed around a particular theme or strategy and are released along side new base sets and expansions. For example, the Sword & Shield Theme Deck Featuring Rillaboom was an excellent beginner deck for grass Pokémon. Pick up a theme deck today and see which one you get!

V Battle Decks are similar and slowly replacing theme decks. Each V Battle Deck comes with your standard preconstructed build however it comes with a ultra-rare V Battle card that is particularly powerful and has V star or V max special abilities annotated at the bottom of the card. These cards are very good in terms of gameplay and fetch pretty good cash making the value of an entire V Battle deck quite good. The caveat is that these decks are the most competitive decks but this is remedied by replacing some cards with cards you find in your booster packs!

Current Pokémon V Battle Decks

  • Melmetal: V Battle Deck (Pokémon GO)
  • Mewtwo: V Battle Deck (Pokémon GO)
  • Blastoise: V Battle Deck
  • Deoxys: V Battle Deck
  • And many more!

Pokémon League Decks

League Decks are designed for competitive play and are overall extremely powerful. These decks come preconstructed with a good amount of rare and ultra-rare GX, V and VMax cards. These decks are perfect for beginners who want a taste of true competitive play in Pokémon the trading card game. Check out some of the League decks and see which one you get!

  • Mew VMAX: League Battle Deck
  • Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX: League Battle Deck
  • Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX: League Battle Deck
  • Pikachu & Zekrom GX: League Battle Deck
  • Charizard & Reshiram GX: League Battle Deck
  • Inteleon VMAX: League Battle Deck

Buying Pokémon Decks

If you have any questions or need any help buying decks for Pokémon the trading card game, do not hesitate to reach out.


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